Munich Germany Shootings Multiple Fatalities Multiple Shooters


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multiple locations.

body count is 20 at this time

Shooting at shopping mall in Munich, multiple casualties reported

Multiple casualties are reported in a shooting at the Olympia shopping mall in Munich, Germany. Police confirmed that shots have been fired in the mall but gave no information on casualties.

One person has been killed and 10 injured, according to police cited by AFP.

An assailant has shot people in a cafe located in the shopping center and at a railway station, German BR24 news reports, citing eye witnesses.

A man entered the shopping mall and randomly opened fire, injuring many people, a person periscoping from the scene said. Then the shooter reportedly left the center and headed towards a raliway station.

Shooting has been heard at the Olympia shopping mall in Munich, Germany, reports on social media say. In a video posted online, people can be seen running out of the building to seek shelter.

The mall is being evacuated, people say online. Reports are circulating of 15 casualties. There has been no official information.

There is a heavy police presence at the center at the moment, police said in a Twitter post, calling on people to avoid the area near the shopping mall.


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3 armed men, have essentially brought an entire city to its knees. Munich police are telling people not to go out in public, so on..

thats 3 armed men

wonder what an army will do..


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Munich shooting: Death reported in shopping centre

Editor’s note: Leading German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reports there are multiple deaths at the scene of a shooting at Munich’s Olympia-Einkaufszentrum mall. Live video posted to social media from the scene shows at least a half-dozen ambulances surrounding the building, which houses more than 100 shops and three major department stores. People can be seen running with their hands up, while others are reporting they are hiding out within the facility. We are watching for additional information from the scene and official sources.

Live updates:

A big security operation is under way, German police say. The scene in the Moosach district has been sealed off.

Reports speak of one attacker. Helicopters are over the scene and shopworkers reportedly unable to leave.

The security forces have been on alert after a migrant stabbed five people on a train in Bavaria on Monday.

The authorities had warned of the danger of further attacks.

Munich police are telling people to avoid the area.

18:05 What we know so far about the incident

Shots have been fired at a shopping centre in Munich. Here's what we know so far:

Reports say the area around the shopping centre in the district of Moosach has been sealed off, but details of the incident are sketchy.
A major police operation is under way.
Several people have been killed, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper quotes police as saying.

Posted at 18:18 Police operation still ongoing'
ARD reporter Richard Gutjahr is close to the scene and says there are police helicopters in the air and many officers with semi-automatic weapons are turning up.

"The shopping centre is completely cleared. The operation is still ongoing"

Mr Gutjahr added a photograph of armed police officers outside the Olympia shopping centre.

18:19 Police asking people to stay indoors
Munich police tell people to avoid the area around the shopping centre, to stay indoors, to leave the streets.


Posted at 18:19 Transport halted across the city
Munich transportation authorities say they have stopped services on multiple train, tram and bus lines following the shooting.

Posted at 18:23 "Several deaths" in Munich shopping centre shooting

"Several deaths" in Munich shopping centre shooting - police tell German media

Posted at 18:24 'Second shooting in Munich'
A German N-tv reporter in Munich says there are also reports of shots being fired at the Stachus, also known as Karlsplatz, a large square in central Munich, about 5km (three miles) from the OEZ shopping centre.

The newspaper Die Welt also reports a second shooting.

There are no more details yet.


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GERMAN POLICE asking people NOT to post photos or videos of the shooting so as not to "support the shooter"---!!!

Bitte keine Fotos/Filme von polizeilichen Maßnahmen online stellen. Unterstützt nicht die Täter! #oez #Schießerei #münchen


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interesting choice of words for a multiple location, multiple shooter, situation..

Police describe incident as 'shooting rampage'

A Munich police spokeswoman said multiple people were killed or wounded, Reuters news agency reports.

"We believe we are dealing with a shooting rampage," the spokeswoman said.

More than one gunman was believed to be involved and no-one had been arrested, she said


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the cops advice made me chuckle..
"look after yourselves avoid public places"

We don't know where the shooters are'

Police say they do not know where the shooters are: "Look after yourselves and continue to avoid public places"


Taxi drivers advised not to pick up passengers


Taxi drivers were earlier told not to pick up passengers from the area near the Stachus, also known as Karlsplatz, according to this tweet.

Reports of a second shooting in this area have now been described as a false alarm according to German newspaper Die Welt.



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#BREAKING City sirens activated and heard in Munich to alert citizens for going terror situation. #Munich, #Germany

per FOX

US CONSULATE in Germany urging all US citizens (in Munich) to shelter in place


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Polizei München @PolizeiMuenchen 4m4 minutes ago

Unconfirmed reports of more violence and possible #gunfire in the City Center. Situation is unclear. Please avoid public Areas. #munich #oez


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one dude must of got shot in the back of the head judging by how he was lying and the blood flow..


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News_Executive ‏@News_Executive 4m4 minutes ago

UPDATE: German elite special forces GSG 9 units are on scene in Munich, reports that one gunman committed suicide at the OEZ shopping center

captured alive...fascinitating..

German TV saying two suspects captured at Marienplatz, they have backpacks, bomb squad on the way.

Gunshot reportedly heard in at least one more region outside #Munich #MunichShooting #Merkel #Europe


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Police ask motorists to avoid roads leading to Munich to allow emergency vehicles to access area - Süddeutsche Zeitung



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German authorities like to keep info close to the chest, and German people are very compliant to authorities, so there's not always a lot of news "sharing" from them. I'm watching a news interview right now with some German LEO. He's not really revealing much. He says he can only tell that there's three shooters and five deaths.

He requests people to send their videos to authorities.

One shooter is said to have killed himself.

Some people are saying they are right wing shooters, not Islamic. Not confirmed.


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so your stating in an interview a gemran leo isnt stating kidding..
thanks to other sources we can gleam whats going on allot better then what one cop who is not there thinks.

its a good thing we don't need the police to tell us how to percive the truth as
we can actually now see the events.
in the links i posted you will find vids of a firefight between the german police and two gunmen.

you will also see another of bodies on the ground, one guy with his head half blown away...

i understand why the police might want to keep a lid on it
its hard to do that when they themselves essentially close down the entire city as has been revealed by those living in munich themselves..

follow the links and hashtags ive been posting..

whats revealign regardless is an entire german city gets ground to a halt. over three shooters..

i wonder what a team of 20 could do?
how about 30?


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how would them, some people know what the ideological drive of these shooters who have not been captured or killed is?