Multicultural counseling assignment-- any help is appreciated


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Hi everyone my name is Ebony. I am currently in grad school and we have an assignment to speak to a member or group of individuals who are of a different culture. I chose the deaf community because I've always been interested in knowing more about it and furthering my knowledge of ASL. If possible can some of you guys answer a few questions

Name & age:


Highest level of education:

Were you born deaf or did something happen that caused you to become deaf?

What is your family dynamic like? Are you the only deaf member in your family? Have they learned ASL, if not how has that effect your relationship?

What are your beliefs or religious views? Have they always been (insert religion) or have they changed throughout the course of your life?

How would you define the deaf culture? What are some of the norms? (individualistic or collective)

What are the affects that your culture has had on society or vice versa?

Are there certain parts of your culture that you do not agree with?

Have you ever been subjected to discrimination?

Can you think of any ways other cultures can become more competent involving the deaf community? (bring awareness)

If you were given the opportunity to have the cochlear implant would you go through with the process?

Lastly, if there’s anything you may think needs my attention feel free to include any comments…