[Motor Sport & extreme sports] A question to all deaf people


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Good evening, here in Italy is 9 p.m., i want to ask to you, if there anyone who like, practise or compete motoristic sport...

I like Drifting, races like TT of isle of Man, car racing, illegal car races, rally and speedboat racing...

Other sports: Kickbox, windsurf, surf, kitesurf...

If there will be deaf events with these sports, write in this thread!
Thank you very much to all!

Hola a todos!


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On the amateur level, I would say half of America likes car racing. A lot of people work on their own fast cars. As far as organized illegal races go, it happens, but it's not that big. We have legal drag racing and stock racing at the amateur level so it doesn't need to be illegal here. There are tracks were people can gather to race.