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I've been lurking for a while and made a few posts, then remembered I never introduced myself.

I'm the hearing mom of a bilateral mixed loss hoh son who is 4 1/2 years. He is hoh since birth; we don't know why.

We didn't do genetic testing. Part of me says it doesn't matter to find out, it doesn't change anything. Part of me thinks we should, to find out if there is anything we can expect in future (progressive loss, etc).

I don't have an audiogram at hand, but he has a mild loss on the R and mod/severe on the left. His first language was ASL.

He is now mostly oral and in a classroom for articulation/speech delays at a special needs preschool. He attends regular daycare with only hearies.

I am sad because the other day he told me no grown-ups wear hearing aids (one grandma now wears HAs, but he forgot this). He also told me hockey players don't wear HAs, either. :(

I want to get us back into the Deaf world and make sure he is exposed to everything in life. I've learned some great information from people on this site already. :ty:


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My hearing loss is also unknown and started between birth and 5 years old. I know you believe it's somewhat useless to find out why, and I agree, but at the same time, I'm always curious of what caused it. Especially if it was a genetic and autoimmune disease, its something I'd want to be aware of to understand what happened to my nerve cells and if it would potentially affect something else in my body. Of course, it could've simply been some trauma or a sort, but in the end, it's always nicer to know the "why's." Just my 2 points. :)
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