Mommy to a Wonderful Deaf Child


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Hello group. My name is Jacqui. I am the mother of a 6 year old deaf child Ava. Ava was born deaf in her right ear and at age 2 she lost the rest of her hearing. Although she is a cochlear implant wearer, she does sign and I have told her when she gets older if she prefers not to wear them she doesn't have to and no matter what she is to be PROUD of being deaf.

I recently started ASL Basic 1 Classes in the hopes of eventually becoming an interpreter. I have attended Deaf Awareness Day at my angels school for the past three years and have never missed the Annual Deaf Christmas Show.

I live in Ocean County,NJ and am interested in attending more events. I actually was hoping that someone knew of a community center that I could visit frequently.

I look forward to meeting new friends :lol: