Moderating; warnings and banning


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Just want to make this post, because it needs to be said...
Members on a forum should all be treated equally. Obviously, there will be a difference of opinion, and harsh words are sometimes said, but it is to the moderators to evaluate the situation and circumstances.

I found the thread where I post an answer on the attack by another member to be closed....
What I had expected is not a closed thread, but banned members. After all, the attacks and insults were obvious.

Interestingly, or sadly, or for all the right reasons, depending on ones perspective I guess, there is quite a difference in lead-time before warnings are being send out.. Not to talk about reasons to ban a person..

Some time ago, I was banned very quickly for making a cynical remark. It took hardly any time to initiate that ban once report-button was pressed. Other members also got banned in a very short time recently. Minutes, from making a post.
However, when the hearing parent of a deaf child is being attacked, insulted, pointer to spelling/grammar, there is obviously no need to intervene. Attacks and insults are allowed. No intervening whatsoever...

I have reported the attacks and insults on/towards me. I'm sure the receiver of the reports got tired of seeing another "report" on a post by cloggy, but isn't that what the "report"-button is for. The moderator will have to investigate the report....
Anyway.... no replies on the reports I send.... no action was taken.

I thought that perhaps it was because the moderators were not aware. After all, one does not expect them to be online all the time.
A moderator did jump into the thread, but did not intervene. Again, this moderator might not be the moderator of the thread... it's possible..

But that same moderator finally closes the thread!!

Below the chain of events...

12-23-2007, 08:56 PM

12-23-2007, 10:11 PM
I 100% support Banjo.

12-24-2007, 07:40 PM
LinuxGold said:
Attacking someone personally is NOT TOLERATED. This is a last warning to ANYONE who attacks someone personally, should this offense occur again, that offender will be BANNED for a WEEK. If you are offended by someone else DO NOT RESPONSE, EMAIL me immediately. It will take me some while to response, meanwhile, DO NOT REFUTE or to CONTINUE with their attacks. THEY will be BANNED without warning. This STARTS NOW.

So, in 2 hours, the moderator is aware of the thread, has read the attack, insults etc, but does not do anything.
The moderator allows the attacking and insulting going on for another 20 hours...

Some way to treat another member....


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This is interesting because I am a moderator on another forum.

The responsibility on that particular forum is that we have to read everyone's posts before approving the post to make sure that there is no foul language, no personal attacks, etc.

As for difference of opinion, you will get that everywhere. How we approve difference of opinion is to make sure that it is respectful in tone.

Amazingly in's a free for all!


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I agree with moderators... that person had pm'ed me and also sent me in my two email addresses threatening.... in PM land.. i had forwarded to Ales.... that person had stopped bothering me... he also created a thread against me.. but it was locked... Whew I now feel so peaceful from that person...


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It wasn't obviously, the post being quoted that caused the thread to be closed. It was what occurred after that.