MLB 2011 Thread!


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70 games now into the season and just over 3 weeks until the All Star Game. For those who haven't voted for the All Stars go to where ballots are available, and also all MLB ballparks will have ballots there as well.

It seems to me this is a very pitcher friendly year with all the Shutouts and complete games thrown already. Also this year we can break the record of most rainouts in a season if we keep getting a few. Feel bad for MLB trying to reschedule those games.

My team (Braves) are going through bit of injury issues themselves, on top of the already low run support for their pitching. Lets hope the last 10 days will be the beginning of more good things to come as far as scoring more runs.

Im not sure, but what the heck has happened to the Indians, Marlins, Texans,
Astros, Oakland A's, and the Cardinals?! The last 10 days havent been kind to those teams.

My teams of the WEEK:

1- Minnesota Twins; despite their very terrible start, the Twins have cut a 15.5 games behind 1st place to 9 games behind 1st place since the start of June. Maybe they'll keep it up maybe not. Morneau goes back to the DL just as Mauer is set to come back this weekend. If they can overcome this and keep their decent pitching, they could make a run. Keep it going guys!

2- Philladelphia Phillies: As much as it hurt me to say that the Phillies have 7 wins in a row and are putting more space behind them for second place with 5 game lead over the second place Braves. If the Phills stay healthy they should continue to slowly widen their lead over the next month.

3-Boston Red Sox: Winners of 11 of their last 12 games to get past the Yanks and currently reside in 1st place. They are averaging 9 runs/game in that current stretch.

4-Pittsburg Pirates; 35-33 now which is the deepest in a season they have been over .500 record in who knows how many years. Keep it up guys, your pitching has been great and run support is pretty good.


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Nats are gonna go all the way, though whether it's to the Series or straight to the off-season and "do not pass go do not collect $200"....