Milan 1880 -125 years of Humiliation to Deaf People's Lives


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Yes, it seems extreme in my opinion... I first looked at the site, and i was "like, what the f..........?"

I dont know whether I would buy it or not.


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Take a look at and you'll see it there.

"It Is Confirmed: I got a lot of emails from different individuals telling me that the website, Milan 1880, is run by Steven James Kittell. His address matched the bank transaction and not only that, his other websites are similar with Milan 1880.

Please be vigilant and wary about buying something that does not exist at all.

Not only that, I also got a warning via the email that if I mention this culprit’s name, he will make my life unbearable. I expect that.

It looked a lot diferent from his webmastering, but I took a closer look at it after picking up wind and found several key indicators this is a Kittel webmastership.

Now who's the cuckoo SxyPorkie?