Middleaged and losing my hearing


Hi everyone, I posted a couple of other threads earlier today but, as I'm new to this forum and still finding my way around, I thought I'd post here as well. I've always had unstable ears since childhood. I often had bloody discharge coming from my ears, which was treated with warm olive oil and a cotton wad. When my school raised the question of me having difficulty hearing, I was sent to the local school psychaiatrist, who concluded I was making the whole thing up to get attention. Despite those earlier problems, I've gone on to become a professional classical musician and have a carreer playing in an orchestra. Over the past ten years, I've had two operations to reconstruct my left ear because of Cholesteatoma. Both times, they did a wonderful job and, although I had hearing loss in both ears, I've been quite able to get by. I go to regular checkups and everything has been good. A few months ago, I got a virus which gave me violent coughing fits. After that, I've lost nearly all hearing in my operated ear, which hasn't restored itself as it normally did. There's no visible sign externally which the ENT doctor can see, to suggest the Cholesteatoma has returned, so she's referred me to the hospital again and we spoke briefly about the possibility of a hearing aid in my left ear. I can still play my music well. Orchestras are loud and my instrument vibrates through my jawbone. What is embarrassing is constantly struggling to hear what my colleagues are saying. Most of them know I've had ear surgery but they don't know why or what my status of hearing loss is. It's not something I openly discuss because, as long as I'm doing my job well and playing nicely, I'd like to keep my medical issues to myself. I do find socialising in lunch breaks or simple one to one conversations a struggle though, especially when there's a lot of other noise around. If anyone has any advice, experience with hearing aids, anything which you can think of, that'd be lovely. All the best


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What instrument do you play if you don't mind my asking? Will understand if you don't want to mention it.


It didn't make me think of jokes (I don't know any) but that being bigger it would be easier to feel.
There are plenty of " viola jokes ".
Here's an example...
What's the difference between a viola and a trampoline?
You take your shoes off to jump on the trampoline. :rolleyes:
Viola players bear the brunt of all orchestral jokes :eek3: :ot:.
That aside, you're right. The vibration of the viola is easier than that of the violin because it's larger and also lower.


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The vibration of the viola is easier than that of the violin because it's larger and also lower.

The Violin is big and heavy while the Viola is small and should be light. My hearing father used to played in the orchestra many years. He is deceased. My father explained to me about them.

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