Middle Earth.... Fellowship of the Deaf - a trilogy


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High de high ya poor sods freezing in the Northern Hemisphere winter....

Right now am soaking in the big pour that's emptying its bladder over New Zealand....

I know I haven't posted some time lately and I owe ya heart breaking sob story... nah.... :fart:

Gotta say I'm still on a 'Rocky Mountian High' Knighty.... we sure had a real blast when I visited Denver....

I've had some job changes and hadda move house 3 times within the last 8 months. Am currently working at the Deaf Assn of NZ on a short term contract as their Policy Analyst to hound our Govt full time.... it's like a great :3some: doing what I love doing best.... You can see my ugg mug in the captioning section if ya missed it. My Ugg Mug....

On top of this... I hope you are all saving up for the Deaflympics in Melbourne which will be next door across the ditch in Aussie.... Deaflympics

I won't be competing in the official sports.... I will be competing in the unofficial sports for the Kiwi Beer Drinking Team... :beer:

Before that.....

If ya wanna come over to New Zealand for New Years Eve with heaps of other Deafies to train and hone ya drinking skills through skulling ya drinks... some of us Deafies in Middle Earth are considering organising a huge New Year's bash for 2005... then ya nurse ya hangovers across the ditch...at the Deaflympics :lol: The organising group hopes to get the details out before April so listen in... yeah ya heard me... "listen in!!!" Maybe it will happen - maybe it won't....

It's nice to see more new members joining AD and the upgrade looks trendy Alex. I hope the newbies have been enjoying the insanity provided by the AD senior citizens.... other than that... welcome!!!

I must post this... as power has been out in parts of Auckland today... our weather bomb is throwing everything it has at us...

Love, hugz and sloppy wet kisses....



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hey wonderbum good to hear from ya I ll be there in Aussie too this coming jan, and so will my partner we're planning on crashing at waterrats's home :) hope to see ya there!!!!!!!!!!!

Steel X

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aw...I can see the cast.

The four deaf hobbits starring Vampy, Banjo, Deaf258, and Steel.

Grandalf starring Sabrina

Treebeard starring as Deafcuba98

Strider starring Dirty Old man

The Elf starring illustrator

The dwef starring Tekkmortal

Strider's g/f starring Eternity

The Evil white beard old fart starring Dirty Old Man's evil brother

The girl who has a crush on Strider starring E

The Bartner in the first of the triogloy starring Alex

...anymore? :mrgreen: