meniere's disease

Hello everyone ,
Can someone get meniere's disease without getting dizzy or getting vertigo ? My doctor added it as an possiblity for my bilateral hearing loss , but I don't feel dizzy at all , I don't have major balance problems ,but what I do have is a split second feeling of an explosion on my head with a loud bang does anyone else get that ? , no one was able to know what it is , neuro doctor said it's probably stress induced
Is meniere's disease still a possibility even if I don't get vertigo?


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the inner ear has two major components : the cochleae (hearing apparatus) and the semi-lunar canals ( balance apparatus)
usually Meniere's disease affects both, but it can sometimes affect one or the other causing either hearing difficulties without vertigo or vertigo without hearing difficulties


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Have you looked up exploding head syndrome or exposive tinnitus? It could that you are experiencing.

I have that. It used to be quite shocking before I knew what it was. It was particularly worrying what when it would jolt me wake in the middle of the night thinking a tree fell in the house. Often if there was a storm or blizzard going on it seem plausible. Inspection though showed nothing had happened.

It was only after joining here and reading people taking about their tinnitus that I realized it might be all in my head. The next time it happened rather that check for damage I looked at the dogs. My guard dogs that would have been up in an instant if something hit the house were all happily snoozing. Yep no one else is reacting because no one else can hear it. Didn't bother me so much after I figure out that's all it was.

Info on it says it occurs during the transition find wake to sleep or vice versa. Can happen during the day for me though yet those does seem to be as loud or startling.