Meet up at New Orleans - 01/28


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me and my 2 friends: deaf and terp will attend to New Orleans for Wizard of World, comic con. If you're interesting to either attend with us at comic con or have amazing cajun. Send me your PM and make plan!

We haven't make decide on which 4 of amazing cajun restaurants at moment. Unless you have better suggest where to meet.


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We choice Upperline's. Hear it's amazing cajun. Hope it's worth for three of us!

If anyone is familiar about Upperline's. Let me know!


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Pat O'Brien's bar- famous Hurricane drink Pat O'Briens : : New Orleans : : Orlando : : San Antonio I warn you that Hurricane drink has very strong alcohol in it.

Drago's restaurant- well known restaurant for seafood Cafe Du Monde - Original French Market Coffee Stand New Orleans

Red Fish Grille (I have not been there, but I was told by an interpreter that restaurant is very good). Red Fish Grill :: Menus

The Court of Two Sisters (on Royale Street, one block of Bourbon Street)- delish food, but $$$ The Court of Two Sisters

Cafe du Monde- famous cafe for beignets It opens for 24/7 Cafe Du Monde - Original French Market Coffee Stand New Orleans

Grande Isle- Seafood New Orleans Seafood Restaurant & Raw Bar | Grand Isle Restaurant |

I can't wait to go back to NOLA this Jan. of 2013!!!


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I'm definitely coming back to NOLA again in 2013 with some friends. I might not even come back home at all LOL!!!

Pat O'Brien's = it's aight... nothing special
Cafe du Monde = beignets and coffee.... best way to start your morning

I'm trying to remember this name of famous joint for gumbo but I'll get back to you on it when I get an info from my friend.


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Upperline's is worth. Truly cajun I experience. Unfortunately, nobody come, just me and 2 friends went there and had good time. Sad.. I end up get ticket for violate on parking. That place in French Quarters are frickin confuse. I'm send letter to them because they weren't clear.