Maybe you doesn't know my life is situation... And little difficult life..


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Hmm i've tell you if we should get to know for communication personal And important If someone will understand. So if want you to be friend with me.... I don't mind if u will not interest or interest.. Me..
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Hi, I look for deaf or HOH girl to be friends first, if u don't mind to me. But I age 25, be 26 next months. Let introduced myself, my name Jacob Zink. I enjoy cooking Asia food, art to draw, read book, and video game. I like hike, swimming and gardener. I live group home for 6 years. I not live alone, I live with 3 person. My favorite food sushi, my favorite color red, and I born be deaf. If u want be my friends, we can do that but friends first, if u want be my boyfriend and girlfriend, we need to know lot, chat lot and etc we can do but we can't meet until virus gone for good. Just thinking about it