May 20, 2003 - Tuesday - *New Date*


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On May 20, Tuesday, at 11:30 PM Eastern Time, will make the following official:

1. Two contests; one for BEST AllDeaf ESSAY and the other for BEST AllDeaf GROUP PICTURE. The winners will get FREE web hosting with, including your very own domain name (, and a whole bunch of other web goodies. More details on Thursday night.

2. The AllDeaf Gallery will be available to the public for the first time. Many of you have been wondering for a while what the "Gallery" is all about, and this is your chance to find out!

3. We will achieve a new Most Users Ever Online record to celebrate AllDeaf 1-year Anniversary. Currently, the record is 62 users online. So, tell all your friends about AllDeaf and have them show up on that particular night.

Thanks all for your continued support of AllDeaf, and hope to see you next week on Tuesday, at 11:30 PM Eastern Time.


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Oh, it was changed.. I thought I had missed it cuz I forgot I had a birthday party to go to. ;) I'll be there this time.


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Err... I might watch at first.. but I think that wont happen. lolz.. oh wella. Please explain everything a day before so we decide final if we wanna go in or not. :D I am in the fence. :D Essay? I'm really sucks on that. The picture, no scanner or webcam. :(


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Still can't make it on the 20th... I've got to hit the sack early on account of rising early for work at 5:30 am to be on time at 6 am work shift the next day. Maybe I will make an exception in this case but I have no idea yet (really depends on how tired i feel).


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