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I had a mastoidectomy about 2 years ago but I still have discomfort/the feeling of my right ear being blocked constantly. My doctor warned me of the chance of hearing loss and tinnitus, which I have. But he didn’t mention the chance of constant discomfort and blockage. Has anyone else experience this after a mastoidectomy? I’ve checked a lot of forum and I can’t find any mention of it. I believe it to be eustachian tube dysfunction caused by the mastoidectomy. Is this common? The last time I saw my doctor and explained the feeling and asked if it would eventually get better he said no. Should I just try get use to it and try to put it out of my mind like I do with the tinnitus or should I ask to see a new doctor? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes...and how are your balance issues?...My left ear is always seemingly blocked...I've had 10 surgeries on my ears...along with cholsteomy, chronic ear infections...the whole shebang, I guess....So now, the left ear is "closed off", so it feels blocked...the right is for tinnitus?...Yes. Along with musical tinnitus, as there is no specific cure for's always there...I can deal with it during he was a problem with trying to sleep tho' what worked for me was to not try to sleep until was I exhausted or very tired and sleepy...An over the counter sleep aid helps some times..Still it takes about an hour to get to sleep.