Making friends- sign with me.


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Hi, the name is Gen. I am hearing and super excited to learn more ASL. I have a decent vocabulary and sentence structure already but looking to dive deeper into ASL culture. I recently graduated with a B.S in biology where I focused on cancer research. I am an avid rock climber; I also love to cycle and enjoy the outdoors. I am currently working as a photographer. I have lots to talk about, and I enjoy meeting other ASL users. If you think you might be interested in practicing sign with me, please send me an email. I normally use gmail chat.

Hope to hear back from somebody,


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Hello Gen

Hi Gen, my name is Destiny and I am hearing. I took ASL for 3 years in high school and I am now in ASL in college. I am going for ASL Interpreting. I would love to be your friend and I have been looking for more friends as well. You can email me at

Hope to hear back from you :)


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Hi! Welcome! Like Destiny, I also took 3 years ASL in HS and now im in intermediate ASL at my college. Always looking for more people to chat with! I also love the outdoors, and my best friend is a photographer! Do you use Skype?