Making friends & practicing ASL


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Hi! I'm Tiffany. I am hard of hearing, but never really learned to sign. I have been learning on my own, and want to be able to understand the culture that I could be considered to fall under. I also want to practice and improve my ASL skills.
I am also trying to start an ASL club - at JobCorps - and would love to be able to have group video chats for more fun learning!
Send me a shout out if you wanna chat! <3


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Hey Tiffany. I have something you might be interested in. Are you in the Bay Area? I have a community initiative to host a music making event and in order to make this happen, we are seeking interpreters for the deaf and hearing impaired. We are taking donations and such to get everyone compensated. shoot me an email or reply on here if you'd like to know more.