Made for iphone ha work with apple watch?


Does anyone have a hearing aid that works with the apple watch? I have a 38 mm series 2 in aluminum. I'm on the market for new hearing aids, and was just wondering if anyone had hearing aids, or knew or a hearing aid that could do that. Syncing well with the iPhone itself is more important of course, but I'm just wondering.

So far I've come across this apple discussion thread on the Starkey Halo and this one for the Resound, there's a link to a video there but it's not subtitled or interpreted. Sent CNN a complaint about that, if you're reading this, you should complain too here.

Hoping for some more input by asking here.


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I like the resounds that can link to phones, most iphones. But other than that I don't know of any that are wireless. If you don't mind wearing a box around your neck, then oticon also'hook' up to phones.....not very well might I add


If you can pair your hearing aids through bluetooth, then you can set them up as wireless headphones. I haven't got a streamer yet, so I haven't tried it. Mostly I used the haptics to alert me to alarms.