Looking for Hearing aids!!


My great grandmother and my dad are (possibly) both in need of hearing aids. My great Gran needs to upgrade from analog to a digital, and my dad, being a truck driver, is losing hearing in at least one, if not both, of his ears.

My mother wants to know if there is someplace online that has a good deal, and I figured the best people to ask are those who live with hearing aids. anyone here know good places, online or off, let me know where.


They would need to see an audiologist to get evaluated to see what sort of hearing loss they have and go from there.

My great gran is most likely profoundly deaf. 80 something with Parkinson's disease, and the fact that we ask her about her cat, and she thinks we asked about the shuttle mission.

Man it is so much easier talking to a Deaf person who knows ASL. :ty:

My dad is unable to afford a regular checkup, much less an audiologist. for some reason, owner operators aren't given health insurance in their job.:roll:


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Scully, for your gran.....have her evaluated at a real audis (ie not Miricle ear or Beltone) CIs might be an option.........but then again, she sounds like she still has some residual hearing, so hearing aids might help her too.