Looking for feedback; Naida V90 UP vs Oticon Xceed UP


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I am getting ready to upgrade from my 10 year old Phonak Naida 3’s.
Looking forward to getting into a new pair of hearing aids with recent technological advancements.
Do you guys have any feedback between the Naida V90 UP or the Oticon Xceed UP?
Do you feel that having a premier model with additional programs comes in handy? Ive been happy with my 1 program and could see myself possibly getting irritated with automatic program changing’s with the new above Aids. However I am open to any additional help I can get to help differentiate certain sounds and eliminate unwanted sounds.
Also heard that Naida will be releasing a Marvel UP within the next 6 months?
Thank you for any feedback you can offer!
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Don't know what mine are, but have automatic adjustment, but don't always work right, one time in a restaurant couldn't hear the person next to me, but could hear one lady's voice at a table of 5 weman 5 tables behind me, first year wore them all the time, but each year loss continues now not worth the effort:deaf:


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the Xceed looks pretty good (I'm looking at them soon for both of us) *SP for me, UP for Mom if hearing loss changes since she just turned 60*
might wanna check out Resound's new aids, the Enzo Qs too!