Looking for Deaf or HOH Mentor / Friend


New Member
Hello, I am 24 and hearing. I got into ASL through classes they were offering in my area and learned the basics ie finger spelling, vocab, and some culture. After the pandemic started 2 years ago I have become very rusty because they had to stop giving the classes and I am disappointed in myself for not staying on top of my learning curve.

I am looking for someone to consistently practice with again and hopefully become friends with! Another thing if anyone is interested in helping me with a project I am putting together for work on educating people on etiquette when working with deaf and hoh team members / some basic signing. Having an actual member of the community give input on this would be endlessly helpful because I was not expecting that my offer to do this would have such an impact on my coworkers and their desire to learn more about / how to be respectful to the deaf community (because I work with such a large fast paced company). So if anyone is interested in that as well please let me know!