Looking for deaf community consultant for a cartoon


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Hello! I'm creating a cartoon where one of the main characters communicates via sign language, though she is not necessarily deaf.

This is her:

This is the first episode:

It's not so much a cartoon as an animated limited series of 5 or so parts that is meant to come together as a film in the end.
It's about bug characters; one of the main three characters is Querida the ant.

Querida's species of ants all communicate via Spanish sign language, other body language, and pheromones. They can hear, though they do not understand the language all the other bugs are using which is English. I am open to changing this so that the ants are deaf as well, or at least Querida, but at the moment I don't have enough understanding of being deaf to write a deaf character. This is something we could talk about if you like, I would be so grateful :)

I would like to pay someone of deaf culture to guide the writing of this character. That entails reviewing the scripts and thumbnails/storyboards and giving me feedback on what needs to be changed. Additionally, the second part of this series is going to have a musical song where I would love to have Querida sing in sign language.

I'm not sure how much this kind of job would be so I'd like to discuss the payment. This project is a passion project that I'm receiving very little donations for ($5/month on patreon haha) so my only budget is the money I have in savings unfortunately. I do believe this kind of work deserves compensation so I'd like to pay at least $12/hour, and one read-through of a script shouldn't take more than 1 hour, plus the time it takes to write feedback and plus time for our communications. It's up to you if you prefer to keep communication over email or would like to connect with me on a chat service like discord.

If this animation becomes popular and actually generates revenue, I would love to raise compensation. That is a current goal.

Thank you for your time and energy! If you are interested, please message me here or send an email to twinimation.bot@gmail.com :0)