Looking for a friend! I am Deaf


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hey how r u? i recently live in west palm beach so want to looking for a friend so u want contact me then hit me up for anything :) :wave:


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Friends how many of us have them.... Lets be friends..

Recently became deaf bilateral, all they pushed from jump street was CI. I am a little nervous when it comes to having electronic devices implanted in my head. I can't get a tattoo because it is too permanent see my problem. :hmm: anyhoos add me to list of friends as I am new here. Also, (shameless plug) anybody else can add me as we'll....:laugh2:


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Hello! I'm a 24 year old hearing girl who is attempting to learn ASL. I am looking for deaf Or HoH friends! That's cool that you like dogs. I have 6 of them, including a puppy who I recently discovered is deaf.
If you wanna chat, just send me a message!


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I will be ur friend :) I'm 22 and HOH and live in Orange County area. Hit me up if u wanna hang out :)

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Sorry if that sounded weird...i want to learn more about the deaf community and the culture. *im shy* lol so not very good with words. ☺


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I'm in Manitoba(canada) looking for deaf friends to become more knowledgeable in deaf culture. Message me if you're interested
Hi, I am 28yrs old and is deaf. I am very much deaf world side because I am not good with hearing. they make me sometime nervous and end up look down on me :/ I'd love to make deaf friends (hearing with sign language possible) in close to my age and willing to learn their country's sign language ^__^

I have some hobbies such as drawing, read manga and playing a video game. As of today, I am going to the gym and wanted to join basketball but it doesn't popular among deaf culture in UK I guess. I don't have a chance to go event for deaf such as deaf world or just event in america or somewhere.


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Hello, I am not deaf but I know ASL and plan on becoming an interpreter. I have three dogs, the newest addition being a puppy! I would love to communicate more if you would be willing. Conversing would help me practice and improve my signing skills plus I am all about making new friends :)


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I'm deaf as well. I wear only hearing aids for helping to hear things and communicate better than without them.


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Hi, my name is Role Brian. I live in Philippines although my home is from San Pedro, Laguna. I am deaf. I nice to meet you.

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