Looking for a Community


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Hi. I'm shay. I'm 27 and live in tx. A couple of months ago I woke up to not being able to hear out my right ear. As the months went by, my left ear felt like it was starting to muffle. I went to the ENT and they informed me that I am completely deaf in my right ear with severe hearing loss in my left. We tried lots of steroids but it did not help and there is a high chance of me going completely deaf. I don't have insurance so hearing aids and CI are not really an option. He suggested I learn ASL and try to communicate the best I can.

I am still dealing with everything and am looking for a deaf community in Houston where I can meet new people, learn about deaf culture, and practice ASL as much as possible. I am the only deaf/hoh person in my family and they are doing their best. If anyone knows any good hangouts or groups in Houston I would love to know. I also am in the middle of hiring an ASL tutor but it is very expensive.