Long time no see

I've been a member for quite a few years. I've pretty much lost track.

I no longer live in Pittsburgh Pa. I moved to west Ohio Aug 2012 for better jobs and country life. Best thing my hubby and I ever done. I now work for Honda Engine plant building engines. Married for 16 years, no kids but 2 awesome dogs. Their names are Remington and Gunner. They are my pride and joy.

I currently wear 1 hearing aid in my left ear. I'm thinking about getting bilateral CI to help me with my job. I hope to get some feed back on this.

Evo Dragon

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Lol, same mine, I no longer California resident. I moved in Florida for new life. I'm a happy homeowner much better than too expensive housing at California. I haven't visit here for a while, So, welcome back to Alldeaf.