Life is finally getting better..NOT


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I finally put my analog hearing aids back in and sent of the others to be repaired and learning to take things one step/day at a time. I still deal with some of the seasonal depression and thankfully the days have been more sunny than not lately. However that might change given the recent storm patterns that have been predicted coming up the East Coast.
I don't mind the snow.. I just don't like rainy days for two or three days.
As for the rest of things. 15 yr old girls are a challenge. well, looks like things are going to change in our house hold rules.. no boys, no friends over for a long time. May even consider pulling her out of the school and put her back in her regular school district, maybe a ROTC or a scare straight program. ay yi yi
anyway… breathing deep.. breathing really really deep.


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I have teenager boys they for sure drive me up the wall what about mental health services one of my boys is getting treatment . And I home school them two my daughter go to privet school !


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@ Vorsia- I have thought about counseling for my teenager. Thanks for your understanding. I have hope that it will turn around soon with the attitude and disrespect.

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It never hurt to try to take her to see counselor if she's willing to go. Then it will be a great start . Teen kids are tough. I have a teen girl. I keep talking to her as much as I can because she will never forget my talking or care for her. I even try to put lot of positive vibes around her and it's not easy. Couple of times we did remove her iPad when we wanted her to do well with her studies and do projects early or be prepares. Or her attitude become bitter. We are not perfect either. We love our babies. All I know is that I make sure I'm there for her and try to talk about responsibilities stuff little by little. Don't give up on kids. They will thank you later like my parents did with me. I was impossible really bad. I wish I listened to my mom years ago but I know it's never too late to do than never.


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What was the matter with her?seem normal teen reaction. I don't know what scare straight is please explain?...all I know is kids get to teenagers and should come with warning I GOING BE PAIN IN THE ARSE for next few years....I never understood my son from 14yrs onwards unless it was got any money mum where I found it easy be deaf I made him talk slowly use sign then said no.
I dont know what problems you got but that scare straight course seem drastic,ff says counselling is it that bad is she not understanding deafness..from my own experience for what it worth, stopping friends see her could be recipe for disaster,would it not be better have one friend over for limited time to do school work with friend at your house stays within boundary you set and respects them good manners be a start.
things like ipads and maybe mobile phones confiscated for set periods of daily time.i also believe family eats together stays together(in my case they refused).Boys at 15 that tough one as I had son and he went all boys school and did well...I bit old fashioned as I great believer single sex school,the kids seem better for it.
Is it possible she go to youth club at a church or join a Red Cross club(they do have them in States)good social interaction is important..
very few home schooled here unless they so obnoxious to be in class setting.Some teacher friends of mine stated home schooling children not the best solution as they have another set of problems.
nobody is perfect and we all parent differently but that no make us bad or good parents..
I so glad ipods not around when my son was teenager and mobile phones not so common altho he spent time on computer for home work and odd game I also felt sport was important and Saturdays were football days either playing or watching we also took him out a lot as he loved trains..Is it possible you and daughter have something you both love and have in common do it together.
anyhow wish you luck, teenage days go quickly so try saviour them one day you proberly wish them back I do