Left out of family conversations


Have you read this thread about how deaf people feel with hearing people? It is really interesting and has some what you are posting in it.


Ok, that is interesting. I'm admitting that I'm suffering with depress and isolate in my family for not communicate with me expect my parent. Aunt, several cousins, my hubby, my son, his side family cousins know sign languages. My sister in law know sign languages. I'm not along with my cousins who not want to learn sign languages to communicate with me. I felt that they are so ignored. My dad had a sign language produces videos that he created. None of my uncle, cousins wanted to learn. It's hurt me a lot.


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A lot of deaf/HoH feel the same way as you do. 1 of my son in HS had chance to pick language to learn and it was Spanish or ASL. My son doesn't know ASL. Just fingerspelling. He chose Spanish. How about that?

We deaf/HoH are too few that the hearing people don't want to put up with us, learn with us, or meet us halfway.


Agreed- I love spending 1 on 1 time with a person in my family, but for family events (holidays, celebrations, etc), I'm so bored and isolated. Luckily, when you get older you get to pick who you spend your time with. :)