Learning to lip read and wanting to make new friends


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Hi .. my name is lyn .. i was recently made deaf after an operation .. i do lip read .. but i would like someone to teach me more .. i live in halesowen .. west midlands .. i am also looking to make some friends on here deaf or hearing people ...anyone out there who can help me learn and understand deafness and also have a chat about other things
hi im deaf after having seizures


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I am partly blind and my parents only knew that I was deaf until I was 2 years old. It means that I missed 2 years of learning.


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I am fairly successful at lip reading...I think haha!! I am really only great at it with people I know closely, like family and best friends. Personally, I find it exhausting, especially in situations with more than one person involved. I agree with most that learning ASL is a great help as well as such a beautiful language!