Learning how to write a deaf character


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As a writer, I wish to learn about the deaf community so I know how to write my deaf character. I try to write diverse characters. I know what it's like to have a disability so, I can relate on some level. I will gladly share my story "Silent Ninja" if you'd like me to. And please feel free to correct me when I'm wrong. I'm ready to learn ✍


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A big part of deaf is telling stories. Not necessarily a serious story like say War and Peace in three thousand pages on a bigg 4 inches thicl. Ugh.

But to take a simple story and really work on it using what you knew of sign language to make it a ... art form.

IF you had to convert this video of a animated short centered on something very simple in life to tell the same story via ASL to another deaf person then it gets to be quite sometime in the telling with all the things that has to go into it.

Hearing people bark that they are going to the store back soon. And gone. Who knows when they will be back.

Now to a deaf telling another about going to the store soon? Now you are getting into everything about the pending store trip. Takes equally as long to tell someone about the store and your hopes for a successful hunt there. Or to physically go there and hunt up whatever it is youre looking for.

Sometimes just going to a store for something turns into a one hell of a story depending on what happened. It may or may not be better that the store never came into your thoughts that day if things did not go well for you. (One time I ran a errand and see my legally parked vehicle get toraled.) The whole trip was not worth the approximately 6000 plus loss to the vehicle. Although it could be repaired with a new frame and all that pertains to such work. You would have to tear the whole thing apart toss old frame and rebuild the whole thing around the new replacement frame.

In the old days you just junked the vehicle. Because you needed some bread and milk at the store.

I put in several paragraphs on this post here just talking about going to the store. Never mind the actual experience of going. We are just getting started. You follow me? It will be a while.

As a side tease, I can hear he hearing already, GO GET THE STUFF ALREDY!!!! STOP TALKINGF ABOU THAT STORE ARGH! =)