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Jun 19, 2022
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I have to agree with them on here, however, I believe there are a thousand of positions related to criminal justice or criminology career. I do not think it will destroy your dream career in criminal justice and i encourage you to explore there is thousands of positions related to criminal justice career and it wasn't easy to explore and choose what do you want to be. There is no guaranteed that you will get a job in tactical and dangerous environment involved a level of hearing requirement but there is another way to obtain a different job in criminal justice career like US Homeland, FBI, CIA, NSA, and etc. . Trust me that i have been there before. I will be more than happy to discuss and talk with you over the videophone or email either.
I want to introduce myself to you… my name is Jason and I am a junior student at Florida State University and I am majoring in criminology program for Bachelor and Master degree. Right now I have been involved in the underwater crime scene program and criminalistics program (Its forensic science). It was awesome and amazing for me and I am glad that I am first deaf to be diver for the underwater crime scene program at Florida State University and only the FSU is number one for teaching in the world.
I have to cut my short time for me to get this off and have to be prepared for spring semester and I wish you good luck for your dream and decision. Please feel away to ask me any questions.
Can u teach me? I want to learn criminal justice and criminology.