Last Movie You Watched?


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Ah, I only watched it for like a little more than thirty minutes, and then I stopped. So, I now don't remmy what it was about.
Sometimes films are deliberately made slow to start to dripfeed the background to the audience that said sometimes you get this 'boring' start but its really showing how something is going to happen or why a character(s) get embroiled into a plot...but ok there are films with really bad starts, like you said over half an hour is too long to retain bored audience.

Guess id give it a miss too, unless Im a gangster film nut which I'm not.


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Recently, we watched movies

Dear John - worth to see movie
Wolfman - not bad

Tonight, we will expect to see "Cop Out"

Next week, we will expect to see "Green Zone" or "Brooklyn Finest"


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I see movie called The Storm Warriors. it is chinese is pretty awesome fighting.. also I seen movie called Ninja Assassin.. by torrent :P

2012= awesome but i dont believe in them btw. :)


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During the last few days, I watched 2012, Ponyo, Screamers, College, Godzilla VS Gigadon, and Screamers 2. :)


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yeah they do, i agreed, i seldom watch vampy films (oops the pun) i havent seen this one vampire's assistent - sounds bit more interesting - to date untill i see this new one, i still reckon interview with a vampire is one of the most outstanding vampy film ever -heck as a film in general great narration and great way of how they interwined the old world (magical) and modern world (secular) so brilliently.
Yeah, Interview with a Vampire was a good movie. I remember doing a comparison critique between Bram Stoker's Dracula and Interview with a Vampire. :)


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I watched "Unforgiven" yesterday for the first time. Very interesting movie. A cross between a corny old spaghetti western and a very serious dark drama. Reminded me a lot of Cormac McCarthy's books.

The more I think and reflect back on it, the more I enjoy it, but there were many moments while watching the movie that I just though, "Ah c'mon."


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Right now I'm watching "Swing Vote"