Las Vegas

Las Vegas Have you been there before? I do, I went there few time for DeafNation World Expo/Vacations. It was fun and interesting at same time.

Here's the pos: Beautiful views of Strip at night times, Fremont Street Experience is Champ, I recommend you to go there because its light show on ceiling on this old vegas strip (Fremont Street) and some great Deals as dining, Shopping and transportion. Its run 24/7!

The Cons: Only One in Summer is HOT Temp out there like 113 Dergee or so. Good thing that all the Casinos had AC ready there.

Some of you never been there before. I can recommend you to go there for your vacation or Next Deaf Nation World Expo who know or whatever you like to do. This place that keep yourself a enjoyment.

If You want to know about Las Vegas, heres the Link u need to check out: Las Vegas Hotels, Shows, Casinos, Restaurants, Maps and Things to Do and Visit some Vegas informations on everything you want to know about this Sin City! I hope you have a good one! :D
I live in Vegas, and while being at the strip is nice, I always encourage to also do activities off the strip as well. If the weather is nice, check out Old Nevada, or maybe a hike down Red Rock? There's a lot of stuff to do here if you want to enjoy the sites as well :)