Korean Drama with deaf character


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Korean drama called The Devil has one character who is deaf and signs. Her daughter also signs- the daughter is the main character.

I don't think the actress playing the deaf mother is deaf because she looks familiar to me, like I've seen her on another drama, but I could be wrong.

There are only two scenes in the first episode with sign language- in one scene the mother is briefly talking to her daughter, and in another the daughter is, again, briefly signing to a deaf patron at the library where she works.

The show is kind of spooky, a mystery show where the main character can read tarot cards and finds things out by touching a person or an object they've touched.

Obviously, since it is Korean it's closed captioned, and, again, I don't know how much the deafness of the mother becomes a part of the show.


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Noted: Our cultures are different. So I am not sure if I want to watch that because Korea has its history of prejudge against deaf and hard of hearing people...


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I haven't gotten chance to watch The Devil on Drama Fever. I believe it just came out?

No, Tikra. According to the Drama Fever, the director's name is Park Chan Hong.

I like Coffee Prince and My lovely Sam Soon. Some of those shows were slightly slow.


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ah okay just wondering cuz i heard about this deaf guy directing the movie one of my friend post about it in my fb so i thought u may have talk about him but it not him as you said.