Just thought I should let you all know..


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Just thought I should let you know I'm excited because I got to use ASL tonight at work. It's something most of you do daily but I don't because I'm hearing/ have no deaf friends. But it was great. I wish I was fluent so I could hold a conversation. But I found out I can read lips pretty well. Hope everyone is as happy as I am right now.

Now I'm going to spend the rest of the night on ASL PRO. Maybe I won't have to fumble through finger spelling next time.


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It's great you are taking in more ASL. Hopefully some day you will meet deaf people around so you can use ASL. Keep it up. :)


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Thanks for the positive responses. I am taking ASL II this upcoming semester. I work at a night club down the street from a School for the Deaf in CT. So I see a few deaf people every now and then. But I am too timid to say ...

" Hey! I know enough sign language to tell you I know a little sign language, but please don't sign back because its probably going to be too fast and i wont understand 90% of it."

Maybe ASL II will help. Hopefully. ASL I was the only class I've taken in college that has made my head hurt. Ironic since its college.

But thanks again. Positive Reinforcement is GREAT. ttyl


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ASL is really fun to use and able to communicate with us and 'terps. So, you dont have to be timid and im sure they would able to help or understand what do you trying to say. Yes, sometimes they may have facial expression or cold shoulder when meet up with ASL learners. Im pretty sure they will be thrill to know that hearies to have this exposure about Deaf culture and ASL.

There are good places in NY where you will see many deafies- NYC or Rochester and Buffalo.