Is there a communication device for between the deaf and hearing ?


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I am looking for translation between spoken words to text and text to spoken words. I do not want the sign to words and words to sign. I am hoping to find something that allows text to spoken words and spoken words to text. I was able to find one from the UK but am wondering is there one in the USA or Canada?

Thanks so much for your time and attention! Mouse


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I don't know that there are any that will do text to speech. But Ava is an app that will do speech to text and you can type on it and it transmits directly to the other persons device. I think there is another one called Connect that does the same thing, but I have no experience with that one.

I do know that it's a good tool in a pinch, but it can come up with some really funny things that it thinks you said. It's an ok app, but most speech to text apps screw things up on occasion.


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There are 1 or 2 apps from Googles App Store I've used to translate voice to text. It's either a hit or miss because sometimes the apps don't translate accurately, but most of the time they work pretty good. Two of the apps I were using are called Voicenotes which is a bit more accurate than the other one I was using which is called Speechnotes.