Is it true that ADA made movie theaters to have CC a law?


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To those in BC - I tried to go see Hunger Games in CC or RWC, whatever,
but despite what it said online, in the actual movie theater they said the movie has no captions.
so I went :(

In the end I haven't seen the movie. why would they do that?
advertise one thing in their online listings, and then tell another in the theater??

I haven't seen any CC movie in the theater yet in my life :(



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Once my hearing dropped beyond using the ear phone set up for amplified sound in theaters (most have had those all along), I gave up going to theaters. I just wait for the DVD of the movie I want to see to come out, either at my library or through Netflix, and watch it then. In recent years, most DVDs of movies made have either subtitles, SDH, or CC for the movie. Special features usually are NOT captioned, :o, but at least the movie is. I have become rather fond of watching at home, feet up, making our own popcorn. :popcorn: Not have to put up with rude people using cell phones or jabbering aloud or getting up & down all through the movie is rather a nice benefit of watching movies at home, too. :naughty:


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i normally wait for dvd come out for certain movies i love to watch. Lately Movie theaters been neglecting to put cc on movie theater. Yes Law stated that closed caption put on to help deaf people understand. I went watch movie theater just couple hours ago i requested CC on movie Breaking Dawn Saga part 2 they gave me headphone i told them no how that help me or my boyfriend to understand movie. They told me they don't have CC, i just feel like i want to exploded. I know Rave Theaters usually have CC if deaf requested it. But lately, They think deaf can hear or what not. How headphone can be loud enough for deaf person. i prefer CC period. if they don't put it on, i aint watching it, and This point on for me, if they don't put on CC for me, they just lost their customer. There is 2000 deaf people here in Pensacola Rave Movie theater need to advertise better not on radio when CC available for movies. I think ADA need to be more force to help us. Not when they feel like it. Interpreters is normally provided when we need it for DR or whatever appt. Movie Theaters is no different than other places. They need help us best as they can if they want deaf people to pay for movie tickets to watch movies. Then they won't be able complain about money bout CC on each movie


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Tax write off and tax credit is totally different math formula. Tax write off does NOT mean that you write it off in return as if its free. You STILL pay, but just save small percentage of taxes that is all.

Here is example A service that cost 100 dollars, and it is tax write off so you write off 100 dollars off from your income, and your tax bracket say 33% would mean you save 33 dollars on taxable income and STILL pay the difference which is 67 dollars. It is pretty much like you have to pay but with a small tax discount that is all. As opposed as tax credit, which means if you pay 100 dollars, you get full 100 dollars in tax refund with tax credit, comparing getting only 33 dollars back with tax write off.

They can use it as a tax write-off, can't they? If they can, I don't see the point why they worry about losing money.

For example, a doctor provides an interpreter for his/her deaf clients. It can be a tax write-off as a medical expense but I am not definitely sure.