Is It Strange For Arabic Guy Looking For Deaf Girl Here ?!


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Yes, b/c a girl in our country is underage and it's illegal for a guy to be looking for any girls in USA ! We have a teenager girl missing , she was last seen getting a man truck . Her family is worried sick and so are her friends and people who don't know her . This is more than strange , it's creepy !


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My opinion? You should introduce yourself so we know more about you.

Make sure any "girls" you meet are at least 18 years old.


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It is strange to me. why deaf? why here? why the fact you are Arabic is important? what exactly are you intentions?
do you know American girls are not the submissive types?
I think you might be happier looking for an deaf Arabic girl, if you must.



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Interesting I read the 'Deaf girls' bit as a general phrase to mean anyone between 18-25. Now don't jump on me because that is how some guys do phrase it wrong or right (doesn't mean *I* do- just making an observation). No idea how anyone's mind immediately goes to 'underage girls'...

That said.. don't see why not. A better approach is to post something in the Dating/relationship subforum in a nicer tone :). But interesting you are being specific considering you are in Lebanon.... :hmm:

khalil abou hamid

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I would'nt like share my feeling with everyone of you to explain what i need from that deaf girl or what moments we could share. I thought i will find some ppl having the same interest but in reality most of you want to split us into normal & ubnormal. In your opinion deaf girl must continue her life single or with someone have the same case !
By the way, i am not smoking marijuana so why you are shocked !! It is hooka if you don't know.