Is it normal to be single at 27?


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First, it's not weird. My uncle was super shy and had never had a girlfriend until he was 30; 8 years later they are happily married with a 1 year old daughter.

It'll happen when it happens.

Love can be found in all kinds of places. Maybe a Deaf Event? Maybe a dating app; the key with those is putting as much information on them as possible. What you are like as a person, what you are looking for in a partner, deal breakers and so on. This helps in finding not just a swipe match but a real possibility of a compatible partner.

I found my partner of 4 years on Tinder. His cousin found his wife of the last 5.5 years on Tinder. My bestie's sister met her fiance on Tinder 5 years ago. It can and does happen.

In the mean time, try not to judge yourself or rush. What's normal? Whatever is right for you. That's all.

Good luck :)


Look up Deaf Social or Deaf Night Out or Deaf Coffee events on Facebook. I met my girlfriend through a Deaf Night Out event. My only regret is that I didn't attend more of those pre-COVID. Good luck.


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I’m 27 and I’ve never had a girlfriend. Where is a good place to meet women?
Hey Broave, you're still young & have plenty of time, I didn't have a gf till I was 38, too busy with work & general life, but you will meet a good partner, you will both just automatically click.

As for venues it could happen anywhere & you'll know it when it happens.


It's absolutely okay, you are young. If you are shy, try online dating - it may work. Personally, I consider it's the best way to meet women. Besides, nowadays there are plenty of various online dating apps, I usually use them to find free girls near me. Just make your own search and choose the most suitable options.
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