Interview with a Deaf person.


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How bout this ...

Derek in a ferret costume...
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What about Alex in a playboy bunny thing complete with ears and a tail?!?! :laugh2:


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I wish there was some way we could all get paid money every time we have someone come here wanting to interview us. We would all be very rich by now ! We could all have our very own cat.
You could afford to send it to college! Then it would register an account and try to interview you...



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you know on credit on quality on education make sure evaluation... :) of course I know wise make sure high quality credit good. If suppose dont want to lose credit. cause math or science high quality credit. it is sound look likes pretty tough!


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I was going to come in here and give this whole tirade about how even as "just the mother of a deaf child" these "I have to do this assignment" people piss me off but you guys have done such a great job of derailing this thread already that I feel my input is not needed :). Bravo! :) (Oh, and I'd vote for the whole Derek in a ferret costume, Grummer in a bunny suit (although I don't know where this came from), and AlleyCat in the sexy kitten costume thing- everyone wins then! ;)!)


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Wirelessly posted (Blackberry Bold )

You DO realize we get asked this question multiple times a week, every week - right?

The "I want something from you, but can't give anything in return" gets old after a while.
One of the first things we learned about at my ITP was reciprocity. (You scratch my back, I'll scratch your back.)


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Not to be rude but honest.

When I went thru ITP, getting an interview on line was not an option. The interviews (plural, mind you) had to be done in person. No Skype, no forums, no VRS. Face-to-face only.

Also, I didn't live in a large metro area with a huge deaf population.

Your instructor couldn't give you suggestions about how to meet a deaf person in your location?


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Hello Everyone. My name is Matt. I am taking a Deaf Cultures class at Columbia College Chicago and was asked to Interview a Deaf Person…

If you would like to do a 15 minute Interview via Skype or some other method that would be great. I do not have any ASL experience….
Wait a minute--I just noticed this--you have no ASL experience? You are taking a Deaf Cultures class without taking an ASL class? :confused:


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Columbia is a $$$ school. Many Columbia students go to Deaf Happy Hours. I have went to few Deaf Happy Hours. I've seen a lot of ASL students and also some deaf people there.

I would think that school like Columbia would require someone to take ASL 1 before taking Deaf Culture class. Maybe even ASL 1 and 2 before signing up for Deaf Culture. If a school is smart, they would make someone pass ASL frequency test before taking Deaf Culture class.


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:( I was saddened by what I read here. I didn't know that the deaf community could be rather harsh to the hearing community. We actually do want to learn more about your experiences, because we want to understand how we are similar or different we are.

I also came here hoping to find people to interview because that was the requested mode by our teacher.

I am disheartened by the fact that despite our efforts to want to understand how the deaf community deals with daily struggles, you actually do isolate yourselves by replying this way to people who want to understand you and help you feel that yes, we all are different, but that these differences shouldn't matter. :(

I was going to write my assignment to raise awareness about the deaf community and their educational background. I wanted to write about the programs from different countries, and compare it with ours. Our education for people who are differently abled is not so nice yet.

Anyway, maybe I shouldn't ask here anymore..

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Sorry. Lots of ASL students come here to ask lots of questions everyday. it gets tiring or joking for us. I suggest you to meet people in reality which would be beneficial to your learning. This forum is for everyone who have fun, to chat and make jokes. Not being a lab rat and constantly being asked lots of questions. :(