Interesting study in case you are prelingually deaf looking for a CI and you don't know if you would be a suitable candidate


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It is known that the CI gives the best results in those postlingually deafened adults and the prelingually infants (at 1 year old).

But usually gives bad results on prelingually deaf adults, the reason behind it is that the auditory cortex has been never stimulated, hence even if you try to stimulate the cochlear nerve, the signal will never be processed in the cortex.

This study suggests that prelingually deaf adults with residual hearing who had received consistent auditory stimulation had postoperative favorable speech perception scores despite long-term deafness. (especially those who use oral communication over sign and attended a general school over deaf school )

This is only for your interest, for seeking medical advice a doctor would help you better.

In case you can't acess to the study you can use sci-hub.