Insomnia problem


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I have been trying to sleep but It won't let me have a good sleep. Sometime it can be 5 hours short of sleep! Most of time, I have been awake til 4 am in the morning and I get to bed around midnight and I keep struggle to sleep and it won't even feel tired at all. When I finally asleep around 4 am but I keep waking at 2 pm most of every afternoons. After I wake up around noon-2 pm, around 5 pm, I keep feeling tired and tired. I don't want to take a nap becasue it will used night sleep time. I am tired of sleep schedule and having hard time to sleep and sometime it can give me short sleep. It can cause my brain to low performance and hard to thinking with my minds. Do I need to go doctor to ask that I have sleep problems. Should I have treatment for me to have a good sleep around 10 pm and wake up normally around 8-9 am? What kind doctor I can make a appointment? Please refer me that any doctors can accept state of California medical. It will be much appericated help. Thanks...


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Stress in your life can cause long nights of no sleep. If it is effecting you in a negative way, it might be a good idea to see a physician.


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Are you a gamer or do you watch a lot of TV before bed? I've read that gamers have a hard time sleeping due to the random eye stimilation during gaming. Where gaming and watching TV might tire your eyes light patterns and sound stimilates the brains cells and conditions them to response to noise or light even when asleep. Producing an instant on (wake up) when sleeping if your brain picks up light or sound.
It's suggested that gamers and TV watchers take a break before bed and meditate in a quiet envirment 30 minutes before laying down. When I have problems sleeping through the night I will take a long soak in a hot tub or bath with a a glass of wine prior to going to bed.
I'll admit this doesn't work for everyone but it works for some.


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TV, Games, Caffeine, Stress, Sugar all keeps us awake at night and the high brain activity during sleep makes it difficult to actually fall asleep. Avoiding these stimulants helps a lot in preventing insomnia.

Reading a book and doing a calm activity makes it easier to fall asleep. Do the things that make you fall asleep, not the ones that keep you awake.