In Memories of AmericanChopper ` 5th Years Anniversary


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American Chopper was member of All Deaf for years, my family and I would like to honor him.

▒♥______/)______./¯"""/') ೋღ❤❤ღೋ November 2nd, 2006 - 5th years
▒♥Andrew Griffith Always Remember us with his smiles not tears, See all the joy through all the years. Recall the closeness that was ours, A love s "sweet" as fragrant flowers. We will see each other once again. We always love you....


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Miss hanging out with him. He was a sweet guy. He loved his New England Patroits with a passion.

He was a person who just wanted be happily married with children. He didnt expect a lot from everyone. All he wanted was what most of us want...a good life with someone he loves. He got that chance and I am happy that he did.

He used to be roommates with my hubby and his ex fiancee and my hubby said he was a very very respectful person. Andrew was definitely a gentlman all the way around. Rare to find that these days.

Miss you. xoxoxo


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I remember the shocking tragedy, he'll always be remembered here at AllDeaf. He's missed by many.


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oh wow... :(

it's a shame that I never got to know him. sounds like he was a very likable person.