I'm teaching ASL and need some good test questions


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Hi everyone! So I just started some ASL classes in my neighborhood to help make ends meet. While trying to write a test I found I'm terrible at coming up with good questions. I can teach the language great but I guess I still can't write tests. I'm in school for my teaching degree so this will get better lol. Hoping some of y'all can give me some great ideas.

I'm trying to think of the worst addresses to have to see fingerspelled. Something with probably 6 W. or something I'd think. I don't experience fingerspelling addresses much so while trying to come up with some I find I'm blanking. I just really want to challenge my students when it comes to some questions.

I'm also trying to come up with good sentences for them to practice. When I took ASL in high school (just for language credit) my teacher had a book with a ton of sentences in it that she'd have us practice. I just am stuck after writing about 10.

Thanks for all the help y'all can give!!