If you had 1 Million Dollars...


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If any of you won the lottery, would you quit your job? Would you even get or keep a job?

I'll keep my job 1 million isn't enough for a lifetime especially when you're giving half away to charities. Not that I'm complaining, there are people who needs it more than I do in regarding saving a life. ;)


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I would donate money to

Cancer Research
My mum after all these hard years of raising me
My family
Buy myself a house and car
Then keep if any leftover in savings


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If I have a million dollars, as usual like everyone,I need to pay all the debts that I owe. I want to buy new car, travel to New Mexico to visit my family, and enough money to pay off for the mortgage on our small house. Most of all I want to travel to powwow events in different reservation and just have fun dancing. I love the Powwow drums. I know that I will only get half of the million dollars because of taxes. I might not have enough money to donate to the powwow forums to make announcement on different sites for powwows and advertise our native wares. I guess that is about it. :hmm:

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If it is a lottery or a gift or whatever, I would give money to charity because I know that I do not deserve it. Those people who have no money, they deserve it more than we do. So it's worth the pain and the effort to build the money on our own than winning it. So now that I know I would be graceful that way.


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IF i got one million dollars i had plans!

im going to London,England
purchase chev suv
debt everythings of credit cards
purchase house


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If any of you won the lottery, would you quit your job? Would you even get or keep a job?

If I won the lottery, no I wouldn't quit the job, as will keep a job.

For me:
If I have any debts I would pay that off. Currently, I haven't got any debts.
Send some $$$ to Charities.
Buy a house with huge yard.
Buy a jeep.
Travel overseas.
Pay University fees each semester until graduate in a few years later.
Give $$$ to family and few of close friends.


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One million does not go far. If one manages to earn 4% on a million in the coming decade of 0 or very low interest rates you would be doing well. That is only $40,000 per year, which does not buy you a fancy lifestyle. If you live frugally it is adequate.

So if I had 1 mil I'd be wishing for 3.