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is it good thing or bad thing to wait for the right time to come or do we have to stop waiting for so long n get to the risk of not waiting for prefect timing? what or why are we waiting for even through the timing has been always that short?

what are we waiting for; love, right person, kisses, sex and et cera, et cera?


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Good question. I don't think there is a 'right' answer for that but I am pondering on this issue for a while when I broke up with my latest ex. I finally reached my own conclusion that I definitely have to date others during waiting for a 'right' woman. But one thing I must be aware of, high hope issue. I refused and cannot afford to have a high hope or it end up will hurt myself. I kept telling myself that hope is 'on hold' in love situation so I couldn't be disappointed. That's what one thing I learned from my exes (examples: Hope that I will find a right woman at that place.. or ... hope that my girlfriend will understand my feeling or change her ways to make it better for our relationship)

If I have no luck with women or 'right' woman then tough luck for me.

But one question remains unanswered: what is right 'right' man or woman?

I mean, it may be not have to be 'right' woman to make the relationship workable for me. It may be a normal (non-'right') woman to make the relationship workable for me. How do I or anyone know? Love can be either complicated or simple *sigh*

ok, I realize that I am ranting a bit so I better stop before I rant more...

Edit: Err. I obviously misunderstood your topic. I will correct this post later.
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jazzy said:
Go with flow, dont seek it and let it comes to you naturally. It worked for me.

same as here, because I dated so many guys, none was right for me, I guess theres are no "right" people... altough I don't sleep around.. tee hee..


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waiting for the right time to come, why do i always get this sayings "let it come to u"... i have always waiting for this to come and yet, it never did or was it never meant to be.. let it come to me as if its a fate? i wouldnt ever know what to call it. yet, i am already tired of waiting for the right time come or a fate to send a signs so maybe i dont have to wait anymore, do i have to stop waiting for too long time? its been the longest time i had been waiting... im tired of waiting. i never been in love before, not even once...

"never said never" -what does it had to with waiting? :confused:


Which do you prefer: 100 lousy dates or 1 just perfect love?

My belief is that it is better to wait for real stuff to come to you than look for it in wrong places because you cannot swim upstream as its against nature. Instead you swim along with the current.

I know too many give up before its time and settle down for the less. But why waste time and energy investing in wrong person?

Love is worth being patient for.


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It can be so difficult to wait for the right one to come along. I mean, you have to put yourself out there or how would you even meet them? I struggle with this quite a bit.

I think the best way to do this is to live your life to the fullest every day. Enjoy your time without a relationship. Do important things like...Lose yourself in books and Find yourself with solitary time walking in the woods.... Meet people, talk to people, make many friends and love your life. It is said that when you stop searching, you will be found.
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well spoken sweetexpress... yet, its true. i do have alot alot and plenty of patient, but just none r interested in me, yet.. i m not worried abt that, through. also in meanwhile, i will take each of these advices that yall given to me, and i already took of them before myself and i did regretted my first and lastest mistake that i made just cause i looked into wrong time n wrong place... even a wrong person... i learned my mistakes and hoped that im not doing it again not like this.. at least i hadnt had sex for 6 months and still counting :mrgreen: yup i m so proud of it. yet i really wished that i cld have kept waiting.. oh well the earth is still spinning and life goes on.
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