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he is dealing with it well. he still has his sense of humor. He is going to go see a Herbologist which claims he has something that helps fight cancer. I honestly wonder why this guy isn't all over the news for the cure for cancer? Right up there with people claiming that this pill helps you loose fat.

Thats good to hear he is dealing ok right now. Cautious with expectations with herbologist- it wont fix. I can see a person seeking other points of views and opinions, its their right. Some people might overdo it though because they might not come to grips with fact they have a terminal illness. I think if it was me experiencing, I'd make sure its a concensus opinion of prognosis within medical community, then I'd make sure I try to come to grips with life and my mortality. Then after that I would focus on those I love the most and get on Hospice care and maintain my comfort and dignity as much as possible till my mortal life is over.

Again, I am sorry you got bad news about your dad and hope you guys get some good father/son quality time together in the time remaining and have peace and solace when that time arrives. May God bless your dad and your family.


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I have nothing against Herbologists or anything like that I just am always hesitant when anyone is claiming they have the cure for cancer or anything like that. Just raises a big flag in my head.


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I am so sorry to hear about your dad. He is lucky to have his family around him during this difficult time and hopefully you guys can spend as much time together as possible. Take care.


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he is dealing with it well. he still has his sense of humor.

THIS is so crucial!!! Patients with a sense of humor and a good head on their shoulders often times do much better than the patients who 'give in and give up'...

I am so sorry that you have to endure this-- enjoy the time you can with him, laugh as much as possible and love him as hard as you can!!! Make lots of great memories!!!



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Celticty said:
I found out on Wednesday that My dad has Pancreatic Cancer and that it is so far gone that they can't do surgery to remove it. They said that usually the longest someone lives with that is one year. Please keep my family and me in your thoughts and prayers we will really be needing it.

I am sorry to hear about your dad, my sypathies to you.