I Need Adjustments to My CI & Sound Processor


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I have had my VA installed CI for two years and can't hear very well at all---Just lots of noises . Can't hear music at all. I had a left ear CI & wear a hearing aid in right ear. Some limited hearing in right ear.

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Did you have your CI implanted recently? Hearing normal sounds takes time and several updated reprogrammings called a mapping. Plus, you may have several customized programs and maybe using a limiting one. Switch around to see what works. If you have furgher issues, let your audiologist know.

(Yes, I’m a CI user for the past 11 years now.)


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Have you been going for regular mappings/adjustments? The first 2 years you should have started with many mappings the first 3 months and then have gone every 3 months. More often if you felt the need for adjustments.

Also, did your audiologist suggest aural rehab when you got your CI? Unfortunately some clinics don't think adults need rehab, but you do. One you should check out is AngelSounds. http://angelsound.tigerspeech.com/ No, it's not just for kids. I used it when I got my 1st CI and know lots of other adults who use it.