I Have Cochlear Implant & Hearing Aid but am still Profoundly Deaf


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My hearing loss is military service connected and the VA has provided me with a left ear Cochlear Implant and a Resound Hearing Aid in the right ear. I am single and live alone in a first class Assisted Living apartment. Communication with staff and other residents is difficult. I cannot hear music at all. It's just noise. Texting, email and closed captioning helps.


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Bless you Ion , it must be so silent for you and lonely. I am so sorry to hear this . I myself am very deaf but l can hear music and l know how much l would miss it if l couldn't hear it . Is there anything the NHS can do to help? Or can you access help from anywhere like AgeUK? Good luck !


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Hi ion1934, my hearing situation is similar to yours. I have no hearing in my left ear and only 30% in my right ear and I do hope I am able to hold on to that. I don't have an implant and I have a Phonak aid in my right ear. Music does sound like noise to me also, and most conversation. Has your implant not improved your hearing at all? My audiologist recently said I would benefit from one; however, I understand that better hearing is not guaranteed. This is a very painful struggle. Enjoy each day the best that you are able to. I suppose the phrase, "it is what it is" as flippant as it may sound, is true for me I know. I wish you well.


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If you cannot hear music, maybe you can FEEL it.

I can think of a whole bunch of devices that would rock you and your apartment. Not necessarily to the pleasure of your neighbors.

Another path to music would be bone conduction. There are some devices when carefully put on will tap on your skull and you probably will hear it. All of it. Just a matter of how good your teeth are. It will rattle them.