I Have Cochlear Implant & Hearing Aid but am still Profoundly Deaf


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My hearing loss is military service connected and the VA has provided me with a left ear Cochlear Implant and a Resound Hearing Aid in the right ear. I am single and live alone in a first class Assisted Living apartment. Communication with staff and other residents is difficult. I cannot hear music at all. It's just noise. Texting, email and closed captioning helps.


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Bless you Ion , it must be so silent for you and lonely. I am so sorry to hear this . I myself am very deaf but l can hear music and l know how much l would miss it if l couldn't hear it . Is there anything the NHS can do to help? Or can you access help from anywhere like AgeUK? Good luck !


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Hi ion1934, my hearing situation is similar to yours. I have no hearing in my left ear and only 30% in my right ear and I do hope I am able to hold on to that. I don't have an implant and I have a Phonak aid in my right ear. Music does sound like noise to me also, and most conversation. Has your implant not improved your hearing at all? My audiologist recently said I would benefit from one; however, I understand that better hearing is not guaranteed. This is a very painful struggle. Enjoy each day the best that you are able to. I suppose the phrase, "it is what it is" as flippant as it may sound, is true for me I know. I wish you well.