I have a question about a surgery for deaf..


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Im not deaf, and im new to all this, one of my really good friends is deaf, i met her not to long ago. I havent asked her much about it, but i did bring it up.

She was not born deaf, she got a flu when she was little, then it wasnt taken care or something happened, but she told me that thats how she became deaf.

In 8th grade her hearing came back for over an hour and she could hear everyone and everything but couldnt understand what people were saying. Her hearing randomly once in a long while can come for a few seconds then go away again, but that only happened a few times. not lately.

I dont know much about this, but it seems that her ear drums and seems like there is still a chance for her? Shes 19 now. I know they have some kinda surgery where they implant something behind the ear, but i dont know if thats something that would be good for her if there is other ways..

Any advice would be appreciated, or where i can read up on different hearing loss? I just met her last week, and she thought me ABC's and i know a few basic words. It makes me value what i have more.


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It happens to me occassionaly that I hear for a few mins then goes away. I don't know how that works. I think if I had fluids in my inner ear. I am able to retrieve noises. I thought about having Cochelar implants but don't wanna go through surgeries. I hate them myself...

the problem I have is I don't have enuff hairs in my cochela...is the reason why I am deaf. now there is researches about growing or implant hairs in cochela...that is an scientific discovery..dunno if that works. I hope this board can help you to understand the deafness your friend have.


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It called Cochelar implants... there are alot informations and pros and cons.. in the health sections and "debate sections"
(i think-- if i am not helpful.. i am sorry)