I have a few questions to you

Hello! I have some question for you all.
I am a signlanguage interpreter student in Sweden, and I really admire all deaf/hard of hearing people.

My questions are:
What do you think of hearing people who want to learn signlanguage? Is it good/bad, do you have patience with them?

I know alot of people have stereotypes about deaf people, but do you have any of hearing people?

And do you know any other signlanguage then your own countrys?

Ps. answer if you want to, I just want to say that I look up to you people, you are so strong and I admire your communities. Write to me if you want to, I'd love to get to know new people!:)


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I think it is wonderful that hearing people want to learn sign language. I have patience with them. I like meeting new people. I don't think I have any stereotypes of hearing people. I don't know any sign language other than ASL.


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Since I've been dealing w/this hearing loss since I was a kid, I realized I had learned to read lips. If someone has an accent or talk to me w/their back to me or put their hand over their mouth, I'm sunk. The worst is when I have to call tech support. They are usually in India & they have very heavy accents. I turn the speaker on, on the phone but it's better if I can do live chat. If we are in a big room, like a restaurant or a theater, forget it, I can't pick up any speech. I'm a big Josh Groban fan & we have a nice new theater here in Atlanta. Other fans were coming over to say hello & I couldn't make out anything that was being said. Luckily, Josh has a very big voice. Since then I have gotten my hearing aid so it's a little better. We went out to dinner recently and even w/all the noise around me, I was able to hear the convo. at our table. Sometimes the wait staff have soft voices & I have to get my daughter to tell me what she said. Embarrassing as all get-out.


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I totally totally love Josh Groban. I cannot understand the lyrics, though, until I memorize them first, but he's got a phenomenal voice.